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Koreaboo has reached out to insiders within the industry, who have revealed that the additional Chinese members of EXO-M have no immediate plans to leave the group and form another in China.

Rumors have been spreading across the internet about members Tao and Lay, attempting to also leaving SM Entertainment, however, the rumors cite insiders’ early knowledge of Jessica being removed from Girls’ Generation and Luhan’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment as credibility.

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Omona what do you think about the rumors?

Akdong Musician has a no plasic surgery clause in their contracts

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Sibling duo Akdong Musician, now officially known as AKMU after debut, explained a clause in the contract with YG Entertainment.

On April 9, SBS’ “Midnight Entertainment” released a recent interview with AKMU.

“One of the clauses in the contract states that we can’t do plastic surgery,” said member Lee Chan Hyuk. “It wasn’t originally in the contract, but we put it in. However, YG just laughed and said, ‘We don’t do stuff like that.’”

Lee Chan Hyuk continued, “But, I do want to get my teeth fixed after we finish promoting our first album. I want to fix my jaw with orthognathic surgery.”

Sister Lee Soo Hyun revealed her complex when she asked, “Then what am I supposed to do with my nose then?”

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MY Tumblr Blog

A month ago i started my first blog ever on Tumblr for the, now new YG group WIN. When I started I never ever thought i would be so into it as i am now. I also never thought I would have so many followers. The blog has been an very interesting and fun journey for me I learned so many new things such as Photoshop, HTML from scratch just to be able to post my own gifs and pictures. The link to the blog is below check it out!

Yay I Finally have an Livejournal account

Finally i have an account here after reading so many different journals for o so many months. I have been wanting to join some communities so i can chat and discuss with like minded people on topics such as kpop, jpop, mandopop and your regular vanilla pop. That is my primary reason for getting an account but who knows i just started getting into the world of journal I might find other reasons.
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